The perfect combination of power and efficiency

The design of Magna places the operator at the center, protecting him or her within a robust structure and ensuring that he or she is surrounded by a comfortable and functional space.  The size also conveys this model’s power and solidity externally as well, as it has been created for the most demanding environments.

The technology on board improves the user experience and increases interaction, given that there are more functions and programs designed to reduce consumption, optimize cleaning times and lower cleaning costs.

It is versatile, able to work in any environment and in any condition such as in supermarkets, warehouses, shopping malls, production sites and logistics areas.


  • Surfaces (sq.m./ft²)   :   8.000-10.000
  • Type of cleaning system   :   Maintenance/Hard cleaning
  • Working width (cm/inch)   :   90
  • Squeegee width (cm/inch)  :   110
  • Number of brushes   :   2 + 1
  • Power supply  :   Battery ((36 V)
  • Solution tank (l./gal)  :   190
  • Recovery tank (l./gal)  :   200
  • Dimensions (mm/inch)   :  
  • Length   :   1894
  • Height   :   1359
  • Width   :   1100
  • Warranty   :   1 Yr (Up to 3 warranty is available contact our sales team)


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